Welcome to Löwenstein Academy,

Your education and trainings are important to us. With the following programs, courses and information materials, we at Löwenstein Medical are happy to do our part to advance you and your knowledge.
In the e-learning section, you will find our online courses for self-study and offers for web-based trainings. You will also find out more and also be able to register for our numerous face-to-face training courses throughout Germany.
In addition, our Knowledge Base serves as a library for reference and reading. Here you will find manuals, instructions for use, scripts, videos and tutorials and much more.
What do you have to do:
If you are interested in a course, we ask you to register for this website (here) and to fill out the registration form. As a registered user, go back to the course that you would like to book and make the request "Join course". After approval, you are a registered course participant.
Once you have registered as a user of the platform, you can register for the entire range of courses.
Please note that user registration for the Academy does not replace individual course booking.

And now have fun.

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